How Massage Therapists Can Get Hired for Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate chair messages are on the rise. They are becoming a well-known benefit for employees, and a great way for new licensed message therapists to gain a clientele and boost their income. However, this up-and-coming trend is also a great opportunity for experienced therapists, but how do you go about getting hired in this niche market?

What You’ll Need

First and foremost, you need to be legally licensed to perform message therapy on any patient. Also, get yourself specific training for chair message in order to be fully qualified; keep in mind that while most therapists are certified in chair message, quite a few just translated what they know from traditional message onto the chair. Choose what you believe works best for you and how you think you’ll better stand out. Bring your own special technique. Chair message is largely based on a belief that there isn’t a whole lot of different techniques you can use, but that’s simply not true. You’ll stand out from the other applicants if you can bring your own technique to the table. Also, express the fact that you are open to working in multiple types of environments!

Where to Apply

Because so many companies now offer message chair benefits, you have opinions in where you want to work. There are multiple private companies that are hired on by larger businesses in order to supply their employees with messages; these companies are consistently hiring to keep up with the current demand. If you prefer to “be your own boss”, you could also simply be an individual masseuse and work privately or for multiple companies; this is the best way to build up a solid clientele, market yourself, and boost your income.

How to Market Your Services

One of the best ways to market your services initially is to offer free chair messages to small businesses. Yes, you are missing out on income when promoting yourself through this venue, but it’s a great way to show off your talents and offer items such as gift cards or discounted services; and your future clients will already know they’ll love your work! Also, get in contact with various tradeshows in your area, they often have chair message sections and are always looking for more talent. With this rising trend, this is the perfect time to look for a career in chair message! Again, there are multiple venues you can take to jump-start your career both individually or with a private company. Market your services, network, and work hard!


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